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#MondayMotivation stories from our team

"Allow yourself to feel like you again"

Times are tough right now & it’s never been more important to look after yourself. Each week we’ll be sharing a #MondayMotivation story from one of our team to share what they are doing to look after themselves. We hope this will help you too!

Charlotte, Sister (8 Mar)

“Hi my name is Charlotte and I am one of the Ward Sisters at Derby Private Health.

“I am a busy mum of 4 boys (1 husband and 3 sons!) & I admit sometimes I struggle to juggle full time work with keeping a home and my family happy.

“What I have learnt throughout this pandemic, is that friends and family are EVERYTHING. Looking after my own mental health so that I am in a good place, allows me to look after my family and make sure they are happy – even through home schooling!

“I have been making time for myself and I do a daily walk and I cannot believe the benefits and I think this has kept me sane! Thank you for spurring me on Marie! I put on my headphones and listen to songs from all my favourite musicals (especially my dear Alfie Boe!) and sometimes I get company from my husband & the boys which I absolutely love!

“I have also enjoyed baking, which is something I love doing but never seem to get the time for, but now I am making time. For the first time in 14 years I made a birthday cake for my son as thanks to lockdown I couldn’t rely on my Mum to make it for me! It turned out well so I think I will bake a cake on every birthday.

“I love this quote – “Friends can’t always stop the downpour, but they will always join you for a walk in the rain”

Natalie, Secretary (22 Feb)

“Hi, I’m Natalie. I’m Secretary to many of the Consultants at Derby Private Health and Mum to two boys.

“Pre-Covid we’re a busy family juggling work, school and extra curricular activities and often meet ourselves coming back, but if there’s one thing that lockdown has provided us with then it’s spare time!

“One way we have been filling our time is by cooking together, experimenting with different recipes and turning my boys into wannabe chefs in the hope that when normality resumes, they’re able to cook for me!

“My youngest, Ethan (8), can now confidently prepare a roast dinner with all the trimmings and my eldest, Ashton (13) has mastered a delicious kebab “fakeaway” with home made flatbreads. Cooking is a great way of spending time together as a family.

“I find cooking quite therapeutic and it’s nice to see the family tucking into freshly prepared home cooked food and clearing their plates.  I think having an activity that we can all enjoy together has brought us closer.

“It’s really important for everyone’s well-being to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, especially during these difficult times.”

Marie, HCA/Wellbeing Champion (15 Feb)

“Hi my name is Marie and I’m the Wellbeing Champion for Derby Private Health.

I have a passion for supporting others to lead a healthier lifestyle. In these very stressful times looking after our own mental health is paramount.

“To help me unwind and distress I love walking outdoors and if the weather is rubbish I’ll do a workout inside. Exercise for me is medicine, it makes my head clearer and helps keep a positive attitude which is something we should all try to adopt.

“Getting out in nature is really helpful for stress anxiety and depression and can be a social thing and is free.”

James, Assistant Finance Manager (8 Feb)

“Hi I’m James I am the Assistant Finance Manager at Derby Private Health. I enjoy running, I find it helps clear the head and makes you feel a lot better once you have completed a run.

“I am currently training for the Big Half Marathon on 25th April and the London Marathon in October if it goes ahead!

“I also enjoy pace making at events and trying to help other gain Personal Bests. I’ve been a Pace maker at a few local events including the Derby Half Marathon and Shelton Striders 10k.

“I find running in a group easier as I enjoy the social side of running and help everyone motivate each other.

“I’ve done a few half marathons abroad and would love to do some more once we can! I enjoy having a few drinks in the sun after the race with all the other runners.

“One quote that has always stuck with me is “However slow you go you still lapping everyone sat at home”

Sarah, HCA (1 Feb)

“Hello, my name is Sarah and I am a Healthcare Assistant at Derby Private Health.

“Mental health is at a all time high and it is important we talk about it with loved ones, friends or work colleagues, it is also important that we find something we enjoy that can keep us active and our minds busy.

“For myself I have a passion for baking, during lockdowns I have more time for this hobby of mine. I now find myself looking for different recipes to do and often bring what ever I’ve made into work. I feel good that the staff have enjoyed what I’ve made and it gives them a little treat while working in these trying times.

“Also along with the help of our wards wellbeing champion Marie, I am putting together some easy and quick recipe book, for colleagues to try at home. Colleagues can also add there own recipes or add something they have found to enjoy.

“I encourage anyone to have a go at baking you may surprise yourself!”

Natalie Seeds, Sister (25 Jan)

“Hi my name is Natalie, I am one of the ward sisters at Derby Private Health.

“As we are all aware we are working in very difficult and different times at present and so the importance of our own wellbeing and mental health has never been so prevalent. It is so vital that we all take some time for ourselves to allow us to rest, relax and recuperate. Whatever it is you enjoy I would like to encourage you all to do it, make the time for you.

“During the past year I have discovered that having something to occupy my mind has worked wonders. Back in summer after around 18 years I decided to get back on the saddle literally and started cycling again. When I’m out cycling I feel happy, at ease and content. This is a hobby my family have thoroughly enjoyed doing and allows us some much needed quality time together. We have discovered places we have never seen before and have a new found love for cycling.

“So whatever it is you enjoy go ahead and do it. Take the time, enjoy and allow yourself to feel like you again.”