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Derby Private Health to feature on Channel 4 weight loss surgery documentary

Derby Private Health to feature on Channel 4 weight loss surgery documentary

A documentary following the journey of a patient who undergoes weight loss surgery at Derby Private Health under Consultant Bariatric Surgeon, Mr Sherif Awad and the team at Derby Private Health at the Royal Derby, is set to be aired on national television.

The programme, titled ‘Shut Ins: Britain’s Fattest People’will follow 24-year-old Emily’s battle with Super Obesity, from her initial consultation with Mr Awad at Derby Private Health through to her post-surgery weight loss and lifestyle changes.

Filming for the episode began in June 2018, when Emily weighed 25st 10lbs (165kg) at the time of her initial consultation with Mr Awad. Over the course of the following two months, Emily worked with Mr Awad and the team from Derby Private Health to prepare for surgery. Then on 9 August, 2018, Emily underwent a sleeve gastrectomy at Derby Private Health, the private patient unit based the Royal Derby Hospital, and after just five months has lost 5st 10lbs.


A sleeve gastrectomy is an operation that removes around three quarters of the stomach, leaving a smaller remnant. The sleeve helps patients reduce their food portion size, feel satisfied quicker from eating smaller portions of food, and reduce the production of hunger hormones. This all allows for significant weight loss as well as improving obesity-related medical problems and quality of life for patients.

Mr Sherif Awad, Consultant Bariatric Surgeon at Derby Private Health, said that being able to help Emily in this way has been a very rewarding experience: “For me, it was a privilege and an honour to be a part of Emily’s journey. This surgery transforms lives for the better. It allows patients a second chance to take part in life activities they previously could only dream of.” Mr Awad has also said that he hopes that the Shut-Ins series will raise awareness as to the circumstances surrounding obesity and related health issues: “I hope people watching gain insight into the difficulties and negative spiral that any of us can get into when we become overweight and obese.

“It is never as simple as ‘eat less and exercise more’ – if that was the case; there would not be any patients with obesity around. Obesity is a chronic disease, should be treated as such and patients with this disease should not be stigmatised and discriminated against.”

Mr Awad, who works as a Consultant for Derby Private Health within the University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust, hopes the programme will also highlight the ongoing commitment that Emily and similar patients need to have with lifelong dietary and lifestyle changes in order to make the surgery a success.

He said: “Success following bariatric surgery requires hard-work, preparation – both emotional and physical – and a life-long commitment to maintain the necessary changes. Do this and you get your health, quality of life and longevity back.”

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