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Orthotics at Derby Private Health

Orthotics service at Derby Private Health are ideal for patients suffering from foot pain or those who suffer difficulty or pain when walking or taking part in physical exercise such as running.

We provide a variety of lower limb biomechanics services. These treatments are ideal for patients who are suffering from foot problems that cause distress when walking or running.


Foot insole assessment – Insoles are foot supports that are placed within shoes to relieve the symptoms of problems such as ‘flat feet’ or ‘foot pain’.

The assessment will help diagnose your specific problem and allow the consultant to recommend the type of insole to resolve the issue. Any insoles will be designed for the patient with regards to their condition, footwear and lifestyle.

orthotics insoles derby private health

Pedobaragraph foot analysis – Analysis is vital to understanding how your foot is reacting with the ground and the developing pain. Using this equipment we can easily diagnose the pressure profile of your feet during walking.

This gives us much more information on the biomechanics of the foot which helps with the design of the insole.

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) – This treatment is for people who suffer from ‘foot drop’.. Self-adhesive electrode patches are placed on the skin of the lower leg. Small electrical pulses stimulate the muscles that lift the foot up during walking.

The electrical impulses stimulate the affected muscles to contract. The stimulator is triggered by a sensor in the shoe and is activated every time your heel leaves the ground as you walk.

Full 3D kinematic gait analysis – Full computer animation of your walking patterns are recorded. This is achieved in our gait laboratory by walking with a number of highly reflective sensors on your legs.

Complex software programs then analyse the way you walk by the movements of your pelvis, hip, knee and ankles.  This type of analysis is often used on high performing athletes and people with a number of different gait problems.

To find out more or arrange a consultation, email us at dhft.privatepatients@nhs.net or call us now on 01332 785200