eartox procedures rise due to heavy earrings

Big earrings cause rise in 'eartox' cases | Derby Private Health

Heavy earrings are causing more and more women to turn to innovative new ‘eartox’ or a ‘lobe job’ to repair damage that statement earrings are causing to their ear lobes.

Large, heavy hooped earrings, as well as glitzy and glamorous dangling orbs have become more in vogue of late, with famous faces such as Katy Perry, Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian all sporting the seemingly must-wear fashion accessory.

However, wearing such earrings has proven problematic for some women, with more cases being reported of their ear lobes becoming saggy and mis-shaped, and in worst case scenarios, splitting due to the weight of their chosen earrings dangling from their lobes.

The ‘eartox’ procedure helps to correct this problem through the use of injectable fillers to ‘re-plump’ the lobes, after wearing the earrings numerous times causes the ear lobes to lose their elasticity and begin to sag as they might in old age – but this problem is affecting women who are only in their 30s and 40s.

Professor Owen Judd, a consultant here at Derby Private Health who specialises in the use of dermal fillers and anti-ageing treatments, said that it is leading to an increase in the number of women seeking this kind of treatment.

Professor Owen Judd, Consultant for ENT and cosmetic procedures earrings

Prof. Judd

“This problem is widespread and is leading onto deformity of the ears which in some cases, can lead to the need for surgery.  This non-surgical alternative is a great way to minimise the effect with the need for the knife”.

While sagging ear lobes can be treated quickly and relatively painlessly, should the ear lobe split, the process becomes a little more painful and complicated, as Prof. Judd explains.

“Split earlobes can be unsightly for some women, as can the floppy earlobes resulting from stretching from the fashionable ‘flesh tunnels’.

“Minimally invasive surgical correction can be performed under local anaesthetic here at Derby Private Health to restore the earlobes to their original shape in a small amount of time.”

Corrective procedures for damaged ear lobes can be performed at Derby Private Health. 

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